Saturday, May 29, 2010


Good morning, all!  

It's Saturday morning, and Memorial Day Weekend!  And I'm in a cheery morning mood.  The beaches officially open up this weekend!!!  Yesssss!

I considered driving the 4 hours to visit my boyfriend this weekend, but I think I'm just gonna spend it with my family instead.  Considering visiting him sometime next week...

So, yesterday was fun.  I was successful in hooking my younger brother on the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.  We also went for a hike...  Welll, not really.  We got in the car to drive to the place, but got lost on the way there..  Oh, brother.  It was still a fun car ride, though!

And, upon arriving back at home, my mom and I tried out this new strategic board game (Pentago) that she bought the other day.  After that, I retired to watch more of the series with my brother.  So, overall, it wasn't that eventful, but it was still a very enjoyable day.

I did place in more job applications yesterday, and even sent my resume out to a few places.  Still waiting to hear from someone... anyone.  :)  Oh, well.  Guess that just means I have some more free time until then.

Not really sure what the plan is for this weekend.  There was talk of going camping, but it's supposed to thunderstorm this weekend, so I'm pretty sure those plans were called off.  Might get around to visiting some friends this weekend.  Not too sure, yet, though.

Alright, I'm off to start the day!

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