Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quite the Day

Today was... AMAZING!

Went with my younger brother to visit my friend's church and try it out.  On the way there, we almost got into quite the accident.  A car tried switching into my lane, as I was right beside him, without even looking!!!  My brother and I almost ended up getting squished between a car and a guard rail.  It was by God's grace alone that we were able to get out of that without even a scratch on the car!  PHeww!

When we got to church this morning, it turned out to be a wonderful church, full of some pretty amazing people.  The message was inspiring, and the people were more than friendly.

After church, I went with my family to Lake George (yes, again!).  And the weather was just perfect.  Had a great time there.

Think I might spend the rest of the night preparing for my camping adventure!!  :)  Hah.  I totally love camping.  Haven't been in 2 years!  Oh, boy.  Woods, here I come!!

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