Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty, Pretty.

:)  So these last few days have been absolutely GORGEOUS!

Couldn't have asked for better weather.  I'm contemplating a trip to the beach, maybe?  :)

Other good news~ last week I decided to plant some chamomile.  I looked at my temporary window box this morning, and what did I notice???!  Sprouts@@  :)  So that's really exciting!

Spent yesterday catching up on Avatar.  Not the recent movie-theatre hit, either.  The Nickelodeon cartoon series... yes, I'm a geek, and quite pitiful.  But, seriously, I'm addicted.  And really stoked for the movie to come out~~  July 2nd in theatres!!  :)  Yippee!!!

Here's a link to the movie trailer, if you're interested...

:)  Besides all that excitement (haha), repairs on my beautiful '96 Jeep Cherokee are now underway.  Going over to visit my dad later today to help him in whatever way I can, as he's been so great in helping me out with maintaining my car.

Don't really have any other plans for the day yet.  We'll see what happens!  Oh, and this time, I should be ready with my camera!!  :)

Current Job Situation (UPDATE): Applied for three jobs online today.  Also updated my resume.  We'll see what comes of this...**my fingers are crossed!!!!**

Thanks for reading!  See you all soon.

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