Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cooling off

So much to write about today.  Let's see...

Yesterday, I ended up cooling off (in the 90-odd degree weather) via car washing.  Yes, readers- all five of the cars that were sitting in the driveway... disgusting.  Anyway, I had some fun washing the cars, cooling off, and catching some rays.  Afterward, I drank a bunch of water and laid down on the couch to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (or as my dad refers to it... Benjamin Butthead).  Interesting movie, albeit very unbelievable.

After my movie, I headed outside to help my dad change the oil on my beautiful car.  He finished installing the muffler and tailpipe, so everything was going even better than expected.  That was, until we tried changing out the old oil filter.  The old one didn't want to come off, so we ended up prying it off with this really long flat-tip screwdriver.  Hah.  So great.  In the process, someone (not sure whether it was me or my dad) knocked off the oil pressure sending unit.  Ayyyy.  One thing after another.  So, now my oil pressure gauge isn't working, but that's alright.  The part isn't too expensive to replace-- just an inconvenience.

So, when I took it to get inspected this morning (late morning, cuz I slept in!!), I was almost biting my nails I was so nervous.  Really thought the guy would mention something about the oil gauge not reading correctly.  Thankfully, it still passed, though!!  Yay!  One less thing to worry about for now.

Anyway, I'm getting off on too many tangents... So, after finally changing the oil yesterday, we all decided to head down to the creek to cool off.  When we reached it, the creek was unbelievably full of teenagers.  Guys trying to show off by jumping off the cliff... Oh, brother.  I've done it before, but watching them attempt the jump yesterday really showed me just how stupid this little feat is.  As I stood there in the water, watching those boys jump off, some attempting flips and back flips, I wondered what on earth had possibly convinced me this was a good idea in the past.  And then it hit me-- MY BROTHERS!  Hah.  As an only girl, growing up with three brothers caused me to attempt many stupid endeavors (hot sauce drinking contests; jumping from rooftops, cliffs, and waterfalls; games of tag... on ice; etc.) in order to 'prove' myself to them and one-up them.  What an attention-seeking child will do to get noticed...  Oh, boy.

Off on another tangent- Sorry!!  That trip to the creek was very much needed on such a warm day.  It was ice-cold, which was totally refreshing.  :)  And, it brought back an abundance of memories from my childhood.  I hadn't made a trip to that creek in years!  It's amazing how something so simple can be the source of so many fond childhood recollections.  So much curiosity, joy, and bonding happened there, in that little creek.

Today, I got to spend time with my youngest brother.  We drove around for a bit, then decided to try out this new Thai restaurant in the area.  And it was pretty good!!  Such a beautiful restaurant- the soup was delicious, and the pad thai wasn't too bad either, although it was a little on the greasy side.  After getting our fill, we headed back to visit with my mom.  Hung out together for a bit, then headed off to the local Memorial Day parade to see my other younger brother marching in the high school band.  It was perfect outside today for the parade, too!

And, yes, I know... no photos.  Soon, okay?  Hopefully...  I don't know why, but lately I just forget to take pictures, even if I have my camera on me!  Oh, well.  Either way, these last couple of days have been memorable and very much enjoyable.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day as well!  And, even if it hasn't been that great of a day, look to enjoy tomorrow to the absolute fullest, no matter what little (or seemingly big) things may want to stand in the way and block your view.  :)

Off for now,

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