Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey la, Hey la~ My Boyfriend's Back!

So, my boyfriend comes for a visit today!!  But, before I can pick him up from the bus station, I have a baby shower to go to!  I spent my morning preparing a grade salad for one of my best friend's baby showers.  She's having twin boys!  It finally hit me just the other day when I was putting together her gift bag, that we're getting old!  I'll be turning 21 in just a week or so, and all my friends are getting married or having children!  I think that's insane how quickly it all comes up!  It seems like just last year when I was a naive high schooler.
Either way, I'm still really excited for my friend.  She's going to be a terrific, loving mother.  I sort of wish I was in her shoes!  Just a little.  But, I know the time to start a family will come, and I shouldn't try to fast-forward to anything if it's not time.
So, today is a very exciting day!  I can barely hold back my excitement!  I haven't seen a bunch of these friends in months, at least, so it'll be really nice to mingle again and see how everyone's holding up.  :)  And.... well, my boyfriend will be here tonight!!  Eeeee!!  I am SO excited.  Alright.  I can tell my sentences are getting short and repetitive, so I should probably sign off.  I blame all this excitement and my lack of sleep.  Goodbye!  :)

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