Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh, rainy day..

All rain showers today.  But that's not enough to bring the day down, is it?!

Had a chance to hang out with one of my close friends today.  Spent hours roaming through the mall.  It made the rain not such a big deal.  Also, I came across the cutest pair of slippers today.  I'll have to post a pic later.  :)

Also, this whole eating-healthier-thing doesn't seem to be catching on with me yet.  Today's meals consisted of: peanut butter toast for breakfast, white chocolate and ice cream for lunch, shin cup noodles for dinner, and a brownie for a late-night snack.  Yikes!!  My healthy eating habits have seriously gone down the drain!  Oh, boy. But, I must say, although I do regret the chocolate and the ice cream, I in no way feel bad about the brownie.  I baked it with some peach slices on top, and it was absolutely delicious!  Maybe nowhere near healthy, but it was soooooo worth it.

Besides that, I've become addicted to Glee.  It's this wonderfully-bad show about a high school glee club trying to make it, and all the drama that follows them.  It's so bad that it's good!  Kind of like those really, really ugly dogs that you'll come across every once in a while- they're so hideously ugly that you can't help but find them cute.

Anyway, tomorrow will hopefully be spent at the gym.  And I am definitely driving myself full-force to find a job tomorrow.  I've gotta find one... and soon!!  Please pray for me!

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