Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pulling a BP...

So, I was headed out to this new Bible study group I've been wanting to join, and I was nearly there, when....
The car behind me flashed his bright lights.  I pulled over, not really sure (but having a slight idea) of why he was trying to catch my attention.  
"You're spraying gas everywhere!" he yells out his passenger window, after I pull over.  
"Thanks!" I yell back, annoyed that, once again, my car has decided to pull a temper tantrum.  
For the past few weeks, my car's smelled like gasoline when I start it up.  And, it did again yesterday when I went to leave home for the Bible study group I'd been waiting to attend.  But, this time the smell didn't go away... and neither did the gas, which was streaming from underneath my car.  So, needless to say, I ended up turning around to head back home.  Didn't get to check out my friend's group.  Maybe next week...

When I got home, my dad gave me some advice, and I went out there alone, in the dark to try and repair my gas line.  And.... I think I did it!!  I was so proud of myself!  I wound up driving it around the block a couple of times this morning, and I didn't smell (or see) any trace of gas!!  Soooooo, I'm thinking that's a good thing. For now, at least.

I ended up telling my boyfriend all about it.  Wanna know how he responded?!  Yes, he laughed at me.  Told me that I'd caught on to some sort of fad, I guess: first, BP spilling oil in the ocean; now me leaking gas all over the roads.  Ha.  Well, I'm just glad I was given the opportunity laugh after having so many car troubles lately.  

So, that was yesterday...  Today, hmmm.  Not much really happened today that I can recall.  Pretty sure I just spent the majority of the day being lazy.  Oh!  And I made fried rice for the first time tonight.  And it turned out really good!!  I was surprised, actually.  :)  So, I might be making that a bit more often.

Also, my younger brother is over for the next couple of days visiting.  And, tomorrow, I get to meet my other brother's girlfriend!  It should be a fun couple of days.

Alright, back to lazy land...

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