Friday, June 11, 2010

Late-night post

Hello!  Not a very eventful day.  A brief synopsis: watched a movie, talked to my boyfriend, ate chocolate, spent some time with my family, ate ice cream, read a little, and am now blogging.  :)  See?  Not very eventful, but that doesn't mean it wasn't exciting!  I found out from my boyfriend today that he's planning on taking the bus to come see me for my birthday next month!  So, I'm totally stoked about that.  And, there's the possibility of going to the local stadium next week for the opening day baseball game with my mom, so that's also something to look forward to.

My plans for later today (when it's not the middle of the night...) include a massive cleaning spree, getting out for some fresh air, possibly making a much-needed trip to the gym, making something delicious for dinner (not quite sure what yet), keeping my eyes open for local job opportunities, and spending some quality time with my mom and younger brother.  There will definitely be some loud music playing during my cleaning spree.  And I'll break it all up with some quiet time, where I can give my full attention over to soaking in God's word.

On a separate note, I've just realized how unhealthy my eating habits have become in the past couple of weeks.  So, I'm going to have to pay more attention to what I take into my body, as well as the nutrition my diet offers.  I've been on a vegetarian diet for about a year now, and things like my protein in-take and the health and nutrition my food offers have become a concern.  So, I'm thinking it might be smart to pay better attention to all of this now that I have nothing better to do.  :)  Also, I had been contemplating switching off of the veggy diet at my 1 year mark, but I'm thinking lately that maybe that's something I'm not gonna do right away.  I might allow myself to indulge in meat occasionally (very rarely, though, I'm thinking), as I do miss certain foods still, but I can't seem to get over how greasy and unhealthy it all seems now that I've been without it for so long.  Hmmm..  This has presented quite the dilemma.  I don't want to switch back over to how I used to eat, with having meat daily.  But, I'm also concerned with however this vegetarianism might effect my health in the long-run.  I'm not sure.  And I haven't been to visit with a dietitian or whatever at all, so I'm not sure what the effect could be...  Oh, well.  I think I'm doing fine as of now.  We'll see where this all goes.

Well, it's about time to sign off now.  It's very late, and I'm overly tired.  Good night, all.

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