Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up and about...

Today's already been a productive day, and it's only just after noon!  I went down to the fast food place, but they're "not hiring."  Ugh.  Whatever.  So, I went down the road a bit and picked up an application for this sub shop.  Maybe things will look up there...

Besides all that, I've been in this terrific "let's get stuff done!" mood.  Washed and brushed out the dog, did dishes and laundry, cleaned and swept the house a bit, and who knows what else.  So, yay for productivity.  Nay for getting turned away from a fast food restaurant!!!  Ayyy..  Oh, well.  Maybe I'll start to get some calls in a few days.  Or maybe this sub shop deal will work out.  I'm trying not to worry, because I do know that God's got it all planned out.  I've been setting up my own plans lately, like signing the lease for a house next fall and planning my life out.  But, if God doesn't want any of that for me, I know He's got much better things planned for me, that I could never dream of!  So, it may seem disappointing and nerve-racking right now, but in the end it's all going to play out better than I could have ever come up with myself.  All for His glory!!

So, I'm still looking forward to going to this Bible study tonight.  And.... I'm still nervous!  Darn these nerves and this stomach, and this brain that comes up with ridiculous circumstances that cause all this nervousness and worry!  :)  I'm sure that after tonight, I'll be much more at ease and at peace with the way things are looking.

Signing off for now,

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