Saturday, July 24, 2010


So these last few days I've been on a mission to clean my room.  Also, to get rid of a bunch of things, and possibly sell some of it to help pay for my next semester.  It's been an arduous task, to say the least.  I think I've actually made more of a mess of my room than originally.  How is that even possible?!  I've cleaned my room out hard-core three times in the past week, because I have this problem with holding onto things.  I hold onto birthday cards, receipts, out-dated cell phone chargers, and various other 'trinkets,' but they have only caused me clutter.  So, I've been sifting through things each time I clean out my room, weeding out the stuff I can do without.  But, by the time I finish cleaning, I realize I haven't gotten rid of enough!  So I've gone through the process 3 times now in these past few days, and there's still so much junk that I need to let go of.  But I am seriously tuckered out from this task today, and I'm thinking I could use a nap.  But each time I go to lay down to rest, I look around and think of all the things I could do without.  I get out of bed to grab the trash bag and start again, but then I realize I could be napping.  It's this continual back-and-forth pull.  Ughhhh.  Maybe I do just need some sleep.  Then maybe I could start this process of discarding my unnecessary junk again without as much hesitation.  Yes.  I think I've sorted it out for now.  Thank you, blog, for offering yourself up again as a means of collecting my thoughts!

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